Keyboards, Harmonica, etc.

Scott is the object of Wesley's affection. Beyond that, he is accomplished in music, art, and literature. He is a part of a variety of bands (although Wett is his one true love) which include: uh, Jason's Band (aka Mr. Fusion), Lemuria (the band that once was), the JJHS 7:00 Jazz Band, the JJHS Wind Ensemble, and some others here and there. With these bands, he has played the Alto Saxophone and the Piano. In addition to these instruments, he is learning to play the Guitar. Scott has also written and recorded over a hundred songs (many of which not by any means finished) and dozens of poems. In addition to Fumbuck, he has released a soundtrack to the famous Shakespeare play, Macbeth. While not as vulgar as Wesley's Charlie and the Barnard Gang, it can still be enjoyed by all. Keep an eye out, because some of the soundtrack is being redone with an original (not Shakespearian) twist, and set for release on Wett's upcoming full-length album.